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An Internship that Matters

Direct client services to those in crisis is more than just a resume builder 

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Interested in gaining real-world experience volunteering with the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline while also gaining upper-division course credit? 

Email for more information about the Art of Active Listening course (PSY399).

More about the course:

CONTACT Care Line’s Art of Active Listening course addresses crisis intervention skills with an emphasis on empathic listening skills; we train interns using the crisis intervention model developed by the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. The course includes hands-on experience as Crisis Line Specialists, and students can earn national certification through the International Council for Helplines! 


The powerful listening skills you develop will benefit you in many areas of life outside of CONTACT. Empathetic, non-judgmental listening techniques enable us to better support people facing life’s troubles. Participants begin to use their new skills and gain confidence in a supportive training environment. Throughout the course, you explore the value of caring, listening, and responding, both in a crisis line context and in thinking about how these skills operate in daily life. This class additionally helps students gain valuable experience in crisis work, an introduction to working in the mental health field, and an understanding of community resources related to suicide prevention, and crisis response.

CONTACT’s Art of Active Listening training consists of seminar-style sessions and hands-on practice. The course concludes with students handling real-life crisis conversations via text/chat/telephone on the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. The training sessions are interactive and require the active participation of students in large and small group discussions, as well as role-play activities. Outside the classroom, course requirements include independent reading, online videos, and quizzes. Upon completion, students can become CONTACT Crisis Line Specialists starting at $20/ hour. 

Email for more information about the Art of Active Listening course (PSY399).

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